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Roger Brett
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You finally traded your standard definition TV for a new HDTV, boasting an amazingly sharp picture. Naturally, they look fantastic when viewing HD broadcasts and Blu-ray discs. But what about your home movies? Did you know, that watching those old home tapes or home movie DVDs made by common transfer methods will often look *worse* on that new HDTV than on an older picture-tube TV? Learn how we can dramatically improve this situation before you hire your next transfer company.
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Vintage home movies on an HDTV?
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2" Quadruplex - quad - video tape
HDCAM high definition video tape
D1 digital video tape (soon)
1" - (one-inch) type-C video tape
Digital Betacam (DigiBeta)  video tape 
Betacam SP video tape
MII (or M2) video tape
3/4" U-Matic SP & Std. video tape
DVCPRO (25 & 50) video tape
Jaz and Zip data discs
CD & DVD disc duplication
Vintage tapes often suffer from a variety of quality afflictions depending on the original cameras, signal system and recording format employed.  As we are a full video tape restoration facility with over 35 years of experience in professional media engineering, we have created a workflow optimized for vintage media.  When desirable, we can often improve the quality of the delivered product compared to that of the original.  Many customers have been amazed at their restored digital masters.
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VHS & VHS-C video tape
SVHS video tape
MiniDV digital video tape
Video8 - Hi8 - Digital8 video tape
Betamax - Super Beta video tape
DAT digital audio tape
1/4" Reel to Reel audio tape
Compact Audio Cassette
CD to MP3 on USB Flash or HD
DVD to MP4 on USB Flash or HD

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